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February 2008

Click this link if you are a man

I have just put a new post up on our Frat House blog. It runs the edge so if you are easily offended you might not want to check it out. Just click here Frat House .

Why do we do teaching series at The Bay?

Most of the time Church at the Bay does teaching series that will last from 4 to 8 weeks. We are presently in The Marriage Puzzle because we know marriage is or will be a part of just about everyone’s… Continue Reading →

Do the Meant To(s)

This past weekend we talked about how to cultivate an atmosphere of romance in our marriages. I suggested we add the meant to(s) back in our marriage and watch romance begin to grow (remember the diet coke and mentos). I… Continue Reading →


Did you know that the Song of Solomon (Old Testament book right beforeIsaiah) is a book of hot romance and steamy love? The story begins with the engagement of King Solomon then progresses to his honeymoon and on into marriage…. Continue Reading →

I need your help…

This coming weekend we are discussing how to nurture romance. When it comes to romance we tend to think only about special occasions or a dozen roses… but surely there’s more to romance than this! Please help me out by… Continue Reading →

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