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June 2008

Guest Blogger – Hal Mayer 4

If you were wondering if we had the Block Party yesterday, the answer is YES…for an hour. We did have some people show up for the first hour, and then helped us clean it all up when the wind kicked… Continue Reading →

Guest Blog- Don Preiser

Yesterday as I walked past the garden section at Home Depot I was stunned to see a dead tree for sale. Among several green and healthy-looking trees was one with all brown, shriveled leaves, right out in front. I thought-… Continue Reading →

Generosity and more

I believe generosity is a core value, key character trait and very close to the heart of God. I love to be generous, be around generosity and I am encouraged by generous people. I had a ball today watching 2… Continue Reading →


I am so grateful to God for Church at the Bay and HIS plan for us! Our church is made up of hundreds of people who bring it every week in their attitude and service. I don’t blog much about… Continue Reading →

First things first …

In my last post we discussed why hurt people tend to hurt people. Troy had a great comment and I thought we should start there (view here). Everyone has a wound and if we are not aware of it or… Continue Reading →

Hurt people… hurt people

When my kids were younger I was the splinter doctor. You know they would get a splinter and someone had to dig it out- tag I am it. I would squeeze their finger and then dig in with a sterilized… Continue Reading →

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