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October 2008

What do you pray about? pt.1 (of4)

Let’s talk about prayer for a couple of days. It is significant to me that the disciples did not ask Jesus to teach them how to walk on water, raise the dead, turn water into wine or heal people. Instead… Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Download

Great weekend for Tampa Bay Sports! Bucs did a beat down on the lowly Seahawks The UF defense held the opponent to 0 yards offense! The Rays are in The World Series The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cincinnati Criminals! Now… Continue Reading →

2 + 2= The Friday 4

There are many guys out there Pioneering for the Kingdom. The 2 guys I will list with a link to a brief video and a post on their blogs. Let me just be up front- these men bring it. The… Continue Reading →

Trail Blazers, Pioneers and Settlers part deux

I want to build on yesterday’s post by drawing some analogies to the local church. Settling or Pioneering is not dependent on a building. I was a pastor at Flamingo Road Church. We transitioned a small very traditional church into… Continue Reading →

Trail Blazers, Pioneers and Settlers

I am getting some buzz about this discussion. I started it on the weekend and then talked a little about it in my Monday blog. Let me describe the characteristics of each group and then draw compare to CATB and… Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Download

I really enjoyed this weekend. It seemed to flow well from the 1st song to the final “see ya”. Here are some things that pumped me up: People keep bringing friends and introducing them to me. I love the opportunity… Continue Reading →

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