As I look forward to 2009, I am wondering what will happen on several levels:

  • Will the economy rebound?
  • Will the housing market improve?
  • How much will gas cost? Will it go lower?
  • Will the Gators crush Oklahoma?
  • Will President elect Obama lead our country in a new direction?

I am also thinking about CATB:

  • Will this be our breakout year?
  • Will we change locations?
  • Will we find land? (and be able to pay for it) or
  • Will we lease a large space?
  • Will we seek hard after God?
  • Will we see many people begin the journey of following Christ?
  • Will those who are already following take their next step?
  • Will we be effective in reaching our purpose: To help people establish a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and equip them to become difference makers.

As I prepare for this weekend, I have been asking God – “What’s next”? How about you- have you been seeking God as well? I wish He would script it out so I would have a clear plan. The problem with that is it requires no Faith- and Faith fires God up (Hebrews 11:6). So I hope you will plan to be here this weekend as we Celebrate the Lord’s Supper together and talk about what and where we see God leading us in 2009!