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February 2009

New Series (begins March 8)


Tonight at 9PM www.churchatthebay.tv

Plan to check us out, chat a little in the side room and connect with others at The Bay. I am not the perfect parent, Dad or really anything. So you ask- “Why is Hal leading this discussion?” Thanks for… Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Download

I taught on parenting this weekend. I started this list on Sunday night and finished it on Monday morning. Here are some very random ideas: Both services were 3 to 1 in saying boyz were easier to raise than girls-… Continue Reading →

Fighting for your Kids

This weekend we tackle: Ultimate Fighting: Fighting for your Kids! Make sure you come, bring a friend and your cell phone. We will have a time for texting in questions… See you then! .

Parenting? Surviving? or…

When I was a student pastor (BK- before kids) I used to give advice on parenting all the time, I was a veritable expert. I was willing and ready to give advice. When kids were having a tough time- I… Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Download

An interesting weekend to say the least… New faces are returning- saw a lot of people who just started coming during this series Our attendance was ok. I believe the 3 day weekend and Valentine’s day on Saturday took their… Continue Reading →

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