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February 2009

Keep you mouth shut!!!!!

I need to learn from this guy- sometimes- put down the microphone and stop talking… You too? If you don’t see the video click here… .


Hey guys it’s time for an UPGRADE. No – CATB is not getting a new lead pastor- we need to find some warehouse space for our students to use on a weekly basis. When we launched CATB we knew that… Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Download

Our UFC series is full contact! Here are some weekend highlights: The picture above should remind you of this weekend’s message- Cliffs? What we are we doing with barricades and hospitals? If you were wondering what I meant by barricades… Continue Reading →

What kind of church??? pt. deaux

This is a continuation of Wednesday’s post- if you have not read it click here. So what kind of church are you? I believe any time we find ourselves with a question and only 2 choices- it’s either a bad… Continue Reading →

What kind of church???

Have you ever thought about what kind of church- Church at the Bay is or wants to be? I believe there are 2 models for churches that most of us are familiar with and they both respond to the reality… Continue Reading →

Monday Morning Download

Wow! What a busy weekend! We started our new series- “Ultimate Fighting” Our production team nailed every transition! The stage looked great- nice work Blaine and company (also have you seen the redesigned website? www.churchatthebay.com Tons of new faces Note… Continue Reading →

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