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November 2010

Christmas is for Giving!

Giving is the real message of Christmas, God giving His only Son for us- to redeem us. It is such a challenge each year for everyone to stay centered on the real meaning and message. In our home, we have… Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving: Thank You JESUS

This week I am thanking God for all the ways He has blessed me. Church at the Bay is high on my list. Here are the top 5 things I am grateful for at Church at the Bay: Your passion… Continue Reading →

Take Action Now!

I love Thanksgiving Week for many reasons: Its starts the Christmas season Everyone seems to have a little bounce in their step We put up our Christmas Tree Pumpkin pie with cool whip!!!!! The focus of giving thanks! Let’s focus… Continue Reading →

Empty Bellies Have No Ears

Why are we doing a food drive?Historically the face of hunger has been the homeless man or woman on the street corner holding a sign. But, we are finding that during these tough economic times hunger is spreading. Every day… Continue Reading →

Got Pride? Why not do a check up…

This weekend at Church at the Bay we tackled the subject of PRIDE. The challenge with a subject like that is to keep people focused on themselves because we all know people who are proud. To focus the crowd I… Continue Reading →

Are You Ready for the NEXT LEVEL?

Are you ready to take it to the Next Level? I am not talking about your dating life, marriage, job or even exercise routine! (No Video? Click here) What I am talking about is how to deepen your relationship with… Continue Reading →

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