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April 2011

Cardboard Stories

Church at the Bay tries to create an environment every weekend that say- “No matter where you have been or what you have or haven’t done… you are welcome here”.  We say we are a church where- “NO PERFECT PEOPLE… Continue Reading →

Easter 2011

We have made these videos for Easter 2011.  Please use them to invite your friends.       No Video? Click watch  

What I learned from the Apple Store about Easter

To say I was a slow convert to the iPhone would be an understatement!  Even after I began using it, I was never in love with the product.  Yeah, it does cool things, but I have HUGE fingers and texting… Continue Reading →

Blessing and Prosperity!

  Everyone wants a blessed life.  I mean I think everyone does, I sure do!  I have never met anyone who said- “I think what I would like to do is crash my life on the cliffs of a horrible… Continue Reading →

Easter Plans!

It is time to start planning for Easter, April 24th. Church at the Bay wants to make a huge impact this Easter and we are starting now!  How cool would it be if your friend, neighbor or family member made… Continue Reading →

Week 10- 90 Day Challenge VLOG

Great insight by Don Preiser.   If you don’t see a video click the button below…  

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