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November 2011

Bring These 2 Sunday!

For the past few weeks I have been encouraging you to make sure you attend this coming Sunday at Church at the Bay (December 4th).  I want you to hear the vision and passion of Pastor Luther Eatman.   Luther will… Continue Reading →

Christmas Outreach

I remember waking up on Christmas morning, running downstairs, sitting in front of our Christmas tree and just staring until Mom and Dad got up.  I would look at the gifts and hope and pray that I got the toys… Continue Reading →


This past weekend I talked about several subjects and  the most difficult was abortion. This was not because I am afraid to talk about difficult issues, or I thought the Bible was unclear on the topic.  I know when I… Continue Reading →

I Promised…

We are in our Giant Elephant series and I promised some links for further study.  Here you go.. The Trustworthiness Of Scripture http://www.josh.org/site/c.ddKDIMNtEqG/b.4172663/k.624E/Can_I_Trust_the_Bible.htm Bible Prophesies Fulfilled http://www.reasons.org/fulfilled-prophecy-evidence-reliability-bible Creationism http://www.icr.org Help For Those Considering Abortion http://www.lutzpregnancy.org Help For Those Who Have… Continue Reading →

Got Any Proof?

Our series, The Giant Elephant, has been very engaging.  The questions submitted  on TheGiantElephant.com  will top 50 this week and your text questions during the message have increased as well.  I am grateful to be the lead pastor at a… Continue Reading →

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