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January 2012

SuperBowl Sunday at Church at The Bay

The Superbowl is a time honored tradition in the United States and consists of 22 men on the field desperately in need of a rest and 130 million viewers in desperate need of exercise.  So who are you picking?  Will… Continue Reading →

Whatever it Takes- Cell Phones???

Last Sunday and next Sunday will be formative days for Church at the Bay.  We are explaining Part-ner-ship and then inviting people to become Partner’s at CATB.  For more information about this just click here… We had a great response… Continue Reading →

Partnership is a Verb!

We have all heard the statement, “Love is a verb”!  We believe that love is something that you live, do and act.  At Church at the Bay we believe Partnership is a verb. From the beginning of our church we… Continue Reading →

My Facebook Plan for 2012

I have been active on Facebook for years and I want to be more strategic in 2012.  I want my personal account and Church at the Bay account to be a place to find wisdom and be encouraged.  I/We am/are… Continue Reading →

Whatever it Takes!

          Happy 2012! I love New Year’s, fresh starts and challenge!  We are starting this New Year with a message series called- WHATEVER IT TAKES!  If there is one phrase that defines our culture at Church at the Bay- WHATEVER… Continue Reading →

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