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July 2012

momentum… Momentum… MOMENTUM

We kick off our new series this Sunday: Momentum!  I have discovered (and you probably have as well) that Momentum makes a HUGE difference!  We know when we have it and when we do not!  We have all seen and… Continue Reading →

Party and Maturity – What?

This Saturday we are going to Philippe Park to party!  We have a pavilion secured, lunch delivered and games for everyone.  Make a plan to come and hang out.  If you need a map or information- click here for our… Continue Reading →

Are you Mature?

Has anyone said this to you (they sure have to me)- “I hope one day you grow up”?  What do they mean: gain weight- I can do that quickly?  Get taller- only with lifts in my shoes?  Are they talking… Continue Reading →

Rhythms- You need to establish them

Vacation! Sandy and I just got home from a great vacation.  We are discovering how to do vacation and not need a vacation to recoup from our vacation- been there?  Too many times (like last year) we have spent our… Continue Reading →

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