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January 2013

Soul Detox

It is a new year!  … How many of you have done a body detox or know someone who has gone through that discipline?  If you have ever done a detox you know how amazing you feel afterwards.  I am… Continue Reading →

How Does Faith Grow?

This question dominated my life early in ministry- because I was failing.  I became a Christ-Follower in high school and had experienced rapid growth and I wanted that for eveyone.  As I began ministry as a Youth Pastor and then… Continue Reading →

What is Iron Men and Why?

I am often asked- “Hal, why do we do Iron Men at Church at the Bay”, what is the real value?  I was reading the book- “Why Men Hate Going to Church” and it made me really re-think ministry.  I… Continue Reading →

Tha Art of Marriage

One of the best parts of being a pastor is doing weddings.  I enjoy watching the expression on the faces of the groom and bride as they pronounce their vows, the look on the faces of moms and dads and… Continue Reading →


This Sunday we begin our new series “We are Family”.  Have you ever thought of the church that way- as a family?  Sometimes the dysfunction is so high in our personal families it can be difficult to understand why God… Continue Reading →

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