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February 2013


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“Why is Baptism such a big issue for a Christ-Follower”? I have been asked that question many times in over 30 years of ministry.  Sometimes- I forget the explain the why of baptism and focus on “just do it”.  But,… Continue Reading →

Are You Detoxing?

I am loving our Soul Detox Series!  I have talked to several who have said- “yup- you are talking to me”.  The interesting piece for me is II really needed the truthes from this  series in my life! I really… Continue Reading →

Soul Detox Devotions- Sign Up Now!

We began our Soul Detox series this week.  I challenged everyone to start the Soul Detox free daily devotional provided by YouVersion.com.  Click on the YouVersion link and then Sign up for a free account Search “Soul Detox” in the… Continue Reading →

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