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August 2014

3 Keys to Creating a Feedback Rich Environment

As we land in this final stage of the Mentoring Process, Maintaining a Feedback Loop, I promised in my last post to talk about the 3 keys to the effective delivery of feedback. I believe feedback (especially developmental or corrective)… Continue Reading →

Delivery… Delivery… Delivery

Over the past several months we have been talking about process leadership. I use the term process because I want to develop people rather than merely lead out of my strengths or preferences. This suggests more of a follower driven… Continue Reading →

Delegation or Abdication?

Whenever we discuss leadership we must discuss delegation. The problem is many people abdicate rather than delegate. Both actions may look the same on paper – “I gave them the responsibility” – but the preparation is totally different. Abdication happens when you… Continue Reading →

I trust you … (Release them to serve)

When you say, “I trust you” – what does that mean? What I have discovered people often say, “I trust you” and it really carries no meaning or attributable behaviors. I have never felt like words matter that much. People… Continue Reading →

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