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March 2015

Enlisting Leaders-The Emerging Method

“The idea is this … leadership emerges.” The idea is this … leadership emerges Click To Tweet When there is chaos, you will see a leader step into the chaos and create direction. Remember the call of Paul and Barnabas… Continue Reading →

Enlisting Leaders- The Soliciting Method

This is another widely practiced method (see pervious post- “Enlisting Leaders- The Appointing Method”). Many times this happens when there are leadership needs or vacancies and other enlistment plans have failed. A plea is made for volunteers from the pulpit… Continue Reading →

Enlisting Leaders- The Appointing Method

The appointing method is based on the idea that leaders are effective in choosing other leaders (that have not demonstrated competency). It sounds good at first, but the actual practice can be devastating. At a previous church, we have tried… Continue Reading →

Luck or Hard Work?

I remember my Dad telling me about a guy who said to him, “How did you get so lucky to get this job, I never get lucky” Click To Tweet . My Dad explained that he worked 12 hours a… Continue Reading →

Got WHY?

Simon Sinek has a video and a great book, “Start with Why”. He talks about the power of “the why” for intrinsic motivation. Sometimes I have heard people say- “My people are not motivated, they just can get it in… Continue Reading →

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