Let me give you a quick update on my health. I figure this way I can try to get the story right, or at least my version out there. I have had a sore throat for 2 weeks- not much just a small one from some post nasal drip. Wednesday morning I woke up with an unbearable sore throat and could not sleep because every time I swallowed I was in a lot of pain. Sandy took me to a quick clinic at 8am- they gave me an antibiotic and said I would feel better, they were wrong. I went ahead to a lunch appointment and when I got home. I noticed my throat swelling. Sandy said we should go to the Emergency Room. I said I would be fine and would gargle with ice water… By 4 pm Sandy had me at the emergency room- she was right. My throat pain was off the chart and the swelling was beginning to effect my breathing. Sandy would tell you at this point I was less than pleasant- she would be understating it. By the time we got to ER, I was feeling as bad as I can remember. I am rarely sick but this was ridiculous. As they admitted me I continued to get worse and aspirated a time or two. They put me on an IV and sent me for a CT scan. Finally I got some morphine for relief- people said I was nicer? No way- I was gumby the whole time- that’s the story I will tell in all my sermons as well. The ER Doctor began asking questions that I was less that pleased with the direction. He said they saw a mass and it could be cancer or a major infection. They put me on some steroids and admitted me. The ER doctor said I would have a meeting the next day with my ENT Doc. When he said the next day- he meant 6pm the next day- long wait. Sandy is an RN and was quite worried but hid it well. I was on my morphine and doing some of my best twittering (lol).
When the ENT came in he was quite serious- I was trying to cheer him up with some humor- let’s just say he didn’t have a very good sense of humor. From the start he said he thought it was cancer. I explained that I would like a different prognosis, again he didn’t smile. He asked me to tell him what had happened- I said I had hoped you had already looked at the charts- again no smile (he was tougher than the 9:30 service at The Bay). He continued, the ER Doctor, the guy who reads CT scans and his professional opinion were all cancer- I didn’t smile and Sandy struggled. Chrissy and Hal 4 were there as well. He then put this flexible rod down my nose and into my throat and began looking around. As he backed it out he changed his mind, it looked much more like a severe infection (I told you I was right- finally). I said cool now I would like to go home. He said- “nope”. He continued to explain that if I had not come in when I did (at this point Sandy was now right, and I will now be reminded of that- and often, please do not encourage that) my throat would have closed and I would assume room temperature (okay my wording- but you know what I mean). He explained that with an infection of this level with children they would immediately put in a breathing tube or do a tracheotomy. Okay he had my attention- His new plan would be to up the steroids and antibiotics and let go home by Friday or Saturday morning.
All that to say- it’s been an interesting week and I am fine. I am really pumped about the launch of “MUTINY: Got a little Captain in you” this weekend. There apparently is some discussion on who will be teaching, I have some insight- and I bet I am part of it. But- either way, the story of Jonah will ROCK!
Finally – those of you who follow my twitter (www.twitter.com/halmayer) or follow me on Facebook already knew most of this and have been praying for us. I really want to say thanks- you guys are amazing. We love you much!

(This blog has been edited for content and accuracy and found to be almost accurate)