This was our last weekend of OZ (the picture above was designed by a couple of our troubled students, they posted it on my Facebook wall- S/S)! I was really pumped to see so many first time guests- way to bring your friends CATB! I met a newbie to CATB on the way in with 6 friends in tow. They said- “It’s the last week of OZ and I wanted my friends to see it”. So before I get into my bullet points from the weekend, here is the 2 minute OZ interruption from this weekend. You gotta admit he sounds more like Dorothy!

Quick hits from the weekend:

  • I think we need to call the sidewalk up to the auditorium the “mall”. I mean it seems like there are nearly 100 people hanging out and connecting.
  • The bounce houses are a hoot. Watching the 4th grade boys act “surprised” as they make it collapse to one side is hilarious. Its safe and no one gets hurt- but they don’t “miss-speak” very well!
  • If you didn’t sign up to schedule a date for your block party you can do so this weekend also. We have a bounce house and trailer you can use if you schedule with Don.
  • Are you ready for some football? Finally!
  • There were a lot of new people this weekend- I hope you introduced yourself to someone new.
  • CATB at the food court was really good. We owned the end of the food court near Chick-fil-a. Thank you for breaking up the clicks and meeting new people- it was fun to watch everyone connecting. It’s called family.
  • Next weekend we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper. Make sure you come and bring a friend.

If you missed this weekend here is the teaching video: