I have enjoyed our journey through the book of James this summer.  James, the half-brother of Jesus, brings a message to life that gets in your grill.  He brings the hammer on things like double-mindedness, worry, lack of faith, caring for people, praying, generosity and more.  When Jesus began His public ministry- his family did not believe.  But, after the resurrection James comes full circle on who is older brother really is- The Son of God and Savior of the world!  He becomes a huge leader in the early church in Jerusalem.  When he writes the Book of James he gives us a perspective that few experience.  He speaks of the fruit of faith… life change and works!  We talked about that in the 1st message- Where there is Fire there is Smoke!  The whole series can be seen on this channel (click here to view).  People often (mistakenly) assume James and Paul contradict- nope!  Paul is usually talking about root of faith (how we begin) and James is discussing the fruit of faith (how we live once we trust Christ).

This past weekend we followed James and he took us down the road to patience.  That seems to be one area I have to go to school on regularly.  It seems too often I learn the lesson, take the test and then re-enroll for another lesson in patience.

This weekend we will conclude with a message on Prayer.  James talks about when to pray, who can pray and how to pray.  Ever wonder why your prayers feel like they are bouncing off the ceiling? Or never answered?  Make sure to attend this week and bring a friend!