All In Web FrontWeek one of #ALL_IN is now in the books!  As I look back and think about how God went # ALL_IN for us… [Philippians 2:5-8]

  • Gave up His divine privileges
  • Took the humble position of a slave
  • Born in human flesh
  • Humbled Himself
  • Died a criminals death of the cross
  • Then He conquered death, Hell and the grave as he arose from the dead …

I am compelled to go #ALL_IN with Jesus!

On Sunday, when I challenged people to go all in- I made it real specific and then gave an all call for Baptism!  I was so encouraged to see people step into their doubts, fears, and struggles and confess Jesus publically through Baptism.  That was a great moment for Church at the Bay and the Kingdom of God!  I love the way the crowd applauded people taking next steps!  We want to be a Church that always encourages everyone to take next steps of faith.  You can watch the video below from our 11:00 AM service to see exactly what I am talking about.  I challenged people to go #ALL_IN and we baptized 14 people, had 4 people trust Christ for the 1st time and several recommit to fully following Jesus.  I believe the only way to correctly respond to an #ALL_IN God is to go #ALL_IN with my Faith.  This next Sunday we talk about one of the biggest struggles to going #ALL_IN you will ever face … what you ask? … Just be there!

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