Giving and receiving Grace is a huge piece of the Christ-Followers experience. Have you noticed when we refuse to give grace to the wounded (whether their wound was self-inflicted or other people inflicted) we behave like vultures and eat our own?  When we live grace-filled lives it doesn’t mean we wink at sin as though it doesn’t mean much! On the contrary- we lay our lives down and when someone is in the ditch (screwing their lives up), we get involved. Jesus paid too high a price for my sin for me to act as if it really doesn’t matter. We don’t judge, criticize or give up on them. Grace also doesn’t teach someone how to live more effectively in the ditch (“5 Happy Hops” to managing your addiction). The Church is a place where people who are stuck in a ditch are welcome! We don’t want people to stay there and we won’t brush over their wound- we want to challenge people to get healthy and move past their sin. We will even get in the ditch and get dirty so we can help each other. You see I believe grace is bigger than anyone’s sin and it doesn’t matter where you have been- what does matter is where you are headed! I was in a ditch and a Christ-Follower helped me out- I know what grace feels like and I bet you do too. Let’s chase hard after God in and “refuse to eat our wounded”.