Are you ready to take it to the Next Level? I am not talking about your dating life, marriage, job or even exercise routine!

What I am talking about is how to deepen your relationship with Christ at Church at the Bay. We have a class called Next Level and in that class we will…

  • Talk about how Church at the Bay started and what is next for us as a church.
  • Discuss what next steps will help you take your relationship with God to the Next Level.
  • Take time to answer any questions you might have.

How will we do this?

  • We will begin right after church with lunch for all participants and their children. (this Sunday, November 7th)
  • We will provide childcare for kids up to the 5th grade.
  • We will finish by 2pm. (Usually just under 2 hours from start to finish).
  • Our time will be interactive.

Next Level will also give you the opportunity to become a Church at the Bay Partner. Instead of membership (which is about privileges) we have Partnership (which is all about a common mission). We would love to help you take your relationship with God and Church at the Bay to the Next Level. Have you signed up? Not yet? Then email Don ( right now with the number of people attending and if you need childcare.
If you missed our first message, Bitterness, in our Baggage Series you can watch below: