Last week Sandy and I went to Lynchburg to be with our daughter (Ashley) and her husband (Sam).  Ashley is pregnant with our first grand-baby, due June 19, and it was a great time- although she did put me to work.  We were able to worship on Sunday with them at their “portable” church.  It was kind of nice to walk in and experience their church.  They gave us a tour of the kid’s rooms and then we went to worship.  To be honest, it is a little difficult just to listen without looking to see what they do differently from us- and consider if that might be better for us.  Our son-in-law serves on their set-up team- he is a hoss.  They get to their school at 5:30am to start unpacking their trailers (wow- 5:30am- is God awake then? ) Their church does a great job with the whole process and it made me thankful for the men and women who set us up every weekend and then pack it away.  It is also a great experience to see our prayers answered and watch Ashley and Sam love and follow Jesus.

So we arrived back in Tampa on Thursday.  Because Hal (my son) was speaking on Sunday at CATB- I came to set-up at 7am with our set-up team.  I am so impressed with the systems we have developed.  I was just there to push stuff and follow orders.  When it came time for the 9:30 worship service I was able to experience it with Sandy and kind of relax.  I must tell you- there is nothing better for me then to get to listen to and watch my son preach.  He has something to say and he communicates it well.

After the Sunday experience- I want to say again- thank you for stepping in and stepping up as you volunteer.   We get the awesome opportunity to partner with God to reach Tampa Bay with the good news of Jesus Christ.

If you missed the message this Sunday I have it embedded below- just click and watch.

I look forward to being Back in the Saddle this Sunday

see you soon!

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