Big stuff this weekend at Church at the Bay. If I am being honest, I am a little tired this morning. Didn’t do my best work at the gym. But- here is the download from the weekend.

  • Saturday we met at the beach to party and baptize!
  • We baptized 18 people (go God!) and then ate pizza
  • The gulls attacked but we held them off
  • I rode into CATB this Sunday on a Harley- our series Redline– When Life has you Floored
  • I haven’t been on a bike in 5 years- last time it ended with a visit to the emergency room. Good news- no mishaps
  • We had some cool electric and gas powered race cars outside- I am sure there will be pics on the Church at the Bay Facebook page
  • I talked about creating margin in our lives. I am working on some of those principles today.
  • We had another secret worshiper in this weekend. A local pastor who is a good friend. Sandy and I went to lunch with him and his wife. Got some good feedback.

  • This is the last week for backpacks- have them there Sunday. Need to know more go here
  • Our Men’s golf tournament is August 8th. Go here to register.

On a final great note- 3 people committed their life to Christ yesterday! Yes!