We celebrated the Lord’s Supper this weekend and talked about what is Next for Church at the Bay. The Lord’s Supper was really a moment for me for many reasons:

  • Watching 24 leaders serve the supper around tables of 6 was incredible
  • The prayer time was really cool. People lit candles and the pastor’s of CATB prayer with scores of people during our celebration
  • BTW- 2 people gave their life to Christ this weekend!
  • We start a new series next week- Mutiny: Got a little captain in you? We will explore the life of Jonah and how God got him back on track. You can prepare by reading Jonah- its only 4 chapters long!

Let’s talk about the MOVE: (if you missed you can listen to the whole message here…)
After months of prayer and exploration God is leading Church at the Bay to move to the new high School- Steinbrenner. It is located at the new exit off of the Vet at Lutz/Lake Fern. This school is brand new and opens this August. Here are some details:

  • When- September 13th will be our 1st Sunday
  • We will meet in the Fine Arts Auditorium (9:30 and 11)
  • I know you all love our plastic chairs- but you will have to make due with theatre seating!
  • Set-up will happen on Sunday morning- more details coming
  • By the way- Davidsen Middle School has always been incredible for us. There leadership has been very kind and fair.
  • Got a question? Ask away

We also talked about Missions

  • I go to India this January to look at a missions opportunity for CATB
  • It looks like Cuba may be opening up to us
  • We are enlisting SWAT (Servants Willing And Temporary) teams for this fall. These teams will go and help staff a church that is launching
  • Home Teams will continue to engage in serving locally

I was thanking God this morning for the response we experienced this weekend at The Bay! Two words, ready….. A (wait for it…) mazing! I am so pumped to be chasing God in Tampa with you guys! Our plan is to make Tampa a hard place to get to HELL from! The vision is clear… Let’s do this!