We have spent the last 4 weeks in our series called “The Path”. The key, simple Principle of the Path states- Direction (not intentions, hopes or even prayers) determines destination. It seems simple yet too often we operate on the, “I may not be on the right path- but God knows my heart” or something similar. So, I think we have gotten that part, at least intellectually. This weekend we will pull it all together with the topic, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”. Here is the idea- what do we do when it seems like the dream God gave us is not going to happen or worse yet it is impossible because of actions on our part? What is Plan B? That is hard- because we have all been there and fact of the matter we will land there again. So if you want to read ahead go to 1 Samuel 16-21 and read about the life of King David. God gave David a dream that seemed to be impossible. He doesn’t always respond correctly; in fact again and again he finds himself off the path (just like us). What can we learn from King David’s response- because sometimes he gets it right but often he gets it wrong? So if you have not lived perfectly this weekend is just for you! If on the other hand, you always get it right- you will want to attend another church this weekend- please!