I set several goals for the New Year- one was to get a hobby. Since moving to Tampa, I have tried a few things but nothing really clicked. So I decided I would check out tennis again. I played a little tennis on my High School team but have not really picked up a racket much in 20 years (since I was 6!). When I played before I did not have great ground stokes but I could get to a lot of balls and slice and dice them back over. I also charged the net a lot to use my height as an advantage. I knew I was no longer very fast- I should say that different- I am slow! So last night I went to a hit around/clinic at a local club. We did several drills, played one on one and ran sprints (okay 2 out of 3 of those things). I discovered quickly that I was not as good as I thought. I knew my ground strokes needed improvement yet somehow I thought I would be better. They split us in 2 groups to start and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to discover I was not in the top group. I decided when I got there that I would join a tennis ladder. This format allows you to challenge people ahead of you and play as often as you care to engage. I signed up before the clinic and I knew I would not be an A player. They actually have 3 groupings A, B and C. After reading the description for the C group I decided I would join the B ladder. At the end of the clinic I asked for some feedback from the pro. I asked him should I sign up for C and he said, “yeah- those B players can really play”. OUCH! I am sore today physically but the ego bruise is large. I must go now, take a few Advil, apply the Ben Gay and start telling myself I am a getting better every day!