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Embracing Tension in your Workplace

How do you move toward tension in the workplace? I am writing about healthy tension of course. There are times when unbridled tension can lead to an unhealthy result – but that fear does not need to drive us to… Continue Reading →

Choosing Tension

That title sounds strange, doesn’t it?  Why would anyone want to experience tension?  Most of us know, tension for our physical bodies is necessary to keep them strong and flexible.  I tore my ACL playing basketball in college and I… Continue Reading →

To Develop or Destroy?

Feedback is one of the most powerful developmental tools we have. Because of it’s power to develop or destroy – I want to discuss how to deliver this valuable tool. The delivery of developmental feedback takes tact and is different… Continue Reading →

Guidelines for Receiving Feedback (it can leave a mark!)

If we want to grow as a leader we MUST discover how to welcome and receive both developmental (corrective) and supportive (positive) feedback. Supportive feedback is not really difficult to listen to and it is important. Today we will focus… Continue Reading →

3 Keys to Creating a Feedback Rich Environment

As we land in this final stage of the Mentoring Process, Maintaining a Feedback Loop, I promised in my last post to talk about the 3 keys to the effective delivery of feedback. I believe feedback (especially developmental or corrective)… Continue Reading →

Delivery… Delivery… Delivery

Over the past several months we have been talking about process leadership. I use the term process because I want to develop people rather than merely lead out of my strengths or preferences. This suggests more of a follower driven… Continue Reading →

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