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Hey Leader … What Happens when?

Leadership is formative.  No matter how hard we might try to avoid this outcome – the people we lead will become like us.  That is why we all agree, our behavior must not only reflect our values – it must… Continue Reading →

Simon Sinek on Leading Millennials

I saw this video over Christmas and had to pass it on. I would be very interested in your insights and thoughts.  Truth is, it seems like these insights apply to a most of us – not just Millennials.  What… Continue Reading →

Leadership – Earned or Given?

I was talking to a young pastor this week and he asked me a question, “What do you do when a church won’t follow your leadership?”  I had several thoughts. First I don’t believe real leadership can be “taken” it… Continue Reading →

Compliance vs Commitment

In the late 80’s I was engaged in Leadership development training for BellSouth. The telecommunications environment was changing- competition was coming. With the breakup of monopoly of the phone company in the early 80’s new telecoms were entering the space of… Continue Reading →

Enlisting Leaders- The Soliciting Method

This is another widely practiced method (see pervious post- “Enlisting Leaders- The Appointing Method”). Many times this happens when there are leadership needs or vacancies and other enlistment plans have failed. A plea is made for volunteers from the pulpit… Continue Reading →

Enlisting Leaders- The Appointing Method

The appointing method is based on the idea that leaders are effective in choosing other leaders (that have not demonstrated competency). It sounds good at first, but the actual practice can be devastating. At a previous church, we have tried… Continue Reading →

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