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Compliance vs Commitment

In the late 80’s I was engaged in Leadership development training for BellSouth. The telecommunications environment was changing- competition was coming. With the breakup of monopoly of the phone company in the early 80’s new telecoms were entering the space of… Continue Reading →

A Window for Gaining Perspective

I remember hearing about the Johari Window in college- do you?  If I am honest, I really did not understand it and only knew enough to answer test questions but not enough to apply it to gain perspective.  When I… Continue Reading →

Simple Stewardship Perspective

I asked my friend Brian Horvath to talk about how to gain perspective on personal biblical stewardship (defined below).  He is not only passionate about the topic, he teaches it and he and his wife actually live it!   Many times… Continue Reading →

Who Do You Think You Are? [Becoming Self-Aware]

Larry is my youngest brother and a phenomenal leader of leaders.  Just about every time we talk I gain a leadership insight or personal encouragement.  He has merged an existing church into becoming a thriving Lifechurch.tv campus.  He is one… Continue Reading →

Gaining Perspective in your Marriage

Chris and Vanessa are personal friends and encouragers.  I listen when Chris speaks and I asked him to write this guest blog. There is a war going on and it is happening in back yards, kitchens and dog houses all… Continue Reading →

The Challenge of a Leader is to Gain Perspective

 Max Dupree says, “The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.”  This is a great quote and understanding to live by.  I would add-… Continue Reading →

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