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Why does Why Matter?

It seemed like one of the first words out of my kid’s mouths. Sometimes it meant, “Please clarify so I can understand better”, and at other times it meant, “Please tell me your reasoning so I can see if I… Continue Reading →

WHY, How and Now

  I have been in ministry for over 3 decades – wow that is a long time!  I have heard and delivered hundreds of sermons and announcements.  I have discovered It can be more difficult to give an announcement (I would… Continue Reading →

Got WHY?

Simon Sinek has a video and a great book, “Start with Why”. He talks about the power of “the why” for intrinsic motivation. Sometimes I have heard people say- “My people are not motivated, they just can get it in… Continue Reading →

It’s ALL about the Question …

I am a firm believer in using questions to lead. I believe we need to engage the people we are leading at a deeper level and questions help that process. When I ask a question it does a few things:… Continue Reading →

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