What are you celebrating?
A friend of mine, Paul Wirth, challenged me with this question a couple of weeks ago. Paul knows me and my tendency to get focused on what is next and what we need to fix. This question refocuses your heart and mind. So- what am I celebrating today? I am celebrating:

  • That Jesus Christ has changed my life and its direction because of the Cross
  • Sandy and I will be married 30 years this December 23rd and we still are learning about each other (and love each other)
  • That I have 2 kids (actually 3- my daughter in law also) who have a passion to follow Jesus
  • That I get to be the lead pastor at Church at the Bay
  • That God has given CATB some passionate pastors
  • We are seeing new leaders emerge and step up in big ways
  • That just about every week we see people commit their lives to Christ for the 1st time
  • And so much more

In turbulent times like these, focus is everything. Too often I get caught in the stress of the future or the guilt of the past and I miss celebrating Jesus in the now! I don’t want to live like that. So every week (at least) I am asking, “What am I celebrating today.” Okay- your turn- leave a comment