That title sounds strange, doesn’t it?  Why would anyone want to experience tension?  Most of us know, tension for our physical bodies is necessary to keep them strong and flexible.  I tore my ACL playing basketball in college and I never fully rehabilitated my knee to obtain a full range of motion.  My Daughter, Ashley Updike, is a Physical Therapist and a lover of pain (she will probably disagree)!  My left knee (ACL tear) does not have the full range of motion since my injury and repair.  Ashley (or Dr. Ashley as she wants me to call her now) has given me exercises that are painful and effective.  I am working on getting my heel to touch my glutes.  It was about 12” inches away a couple of months back and now because of stretching (applying tension) exercises, I am within 5 inches of my goal.  Painful? Yes? Helpful- Oh Yes!  Over the next few posts, I want to talk about areas where we can and need to move toward tension rather than away from it.

Let’s start with feedback.  Ken Blanchard says, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions”.  If we are honest, we all would rather get raving reviews about our performance and never have to deal with developmental or corrective feedback.  Do you know what is worse than getting the corrective or developmental feedback? NOT GETTING IT (and flying blind)!  We all have blind spots and areas for improvement – most everyone will agree with that statement.  Why is it then we have not embraced and sought after unvarnished feedback?  In the last 30 years, 360-degree feedback has been embraced.  I use the 360-degree feedback tools and I also believe a less formal approach can be used regularly.  In my next post, I will describe a process for “mining” feedback from peers, subordinates, and superiors in the work place.  Should be fun!