I have coached a lot of Basketball.  I coached on the High School level for 5 years and  I have also coached YMCA type Basketball for over a decade.  I really love coaching the little guys!  When Hal 4 was about 8 I was coaching his team.  The kids were so excited- they were a hundred miles an hour.  And then one kid- in the second half said, “Coach, are we winning”?  I told him we were up by a few points so he said, “Great”! And kept running.

Here is a question for you- How to we measure wins at Church at the Bay?  Is it attendance? Money? Amen’s?  Not necessarily but, thanks for asking- because for Church at the Bay – we measure wins in life change decisions, next steps and behavior change.  We just concluded our series- Momentum this past Sunday.  We challenged people every week to make a bold move- Here are some of the life changing bold moves that were taken (and we call them wins)

  • We just concluded our August run of Iron Men– over 30 guys connected at 6:30 AM to talk about Biblical Manhood- that is a win!
  • We have over 160 adults connecting in Growth Groups- yeah baby!
  • We have taken on some new office space and warehouse space- and volunteers have been showing up helping us paint and redue the office and warehouse.  We will be there Wednesday Night and Thursday Night from 7-9PM- want to help?  Email Neal@churchatthebay.com
  • We have over 100 adults who signed up for the Generosity Challenge  (Give a Tithe or more over the next 90 days and test God (Malachi 3))- major step!
  • 75 People have said yes to Christ for the first time this year- gotta love that!

Is that every win?  No, but I wanted you to know a bigger picture of what God is doing.

In 2 weeks we start a new series, “God I have a question”.  During this series we will address the most popular questions you gave us and you will have the opportunity to text in (real time) follow up questions during the message!


 This Sunday- to prepare our hearts for the Fall- we will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper in a BIG way- make sure you come and bring a friend.