The words, “Make a choice! Commit!”, still ring in my ears from my high school basketball coach (Jay Dye). You see I loved several parts of the game, scoring, rebounding and even making a pass or two. At the end of my junior year my coach challenged me to make a commitment. He said, “Hal, you are a jack of all trades and a master of none”! We had just lost in the state playoffs and I had a double/double and was shocked at his lack of reverence for my game. But, he knew me and knew I needed to make a commitment to try and master some element of the game so I could take my game to the next level. He was right.
You have probably discovered like I have, commitments not only define my life, they improve it. Of course the best commitment I ever made was to become a Christ-Follower. Let me tell you about another commitment in my life. Twenty-nine years ago I made a commitment to love this hot blonde (Sandra Kay Littlefield) for the rest of my life and we were married. (This goes without saying- I am not in trouble and writing this to find may way back in good graces- honest! ) This commitment defined and improved several areas of my life from the moment I made it:

  • I now got to sleep with Sandy (I must be careful giving too many details- my kids hate me saying I got to have SEX with their mom)
  • I had someone to share all of life with
  • I had someone who loved me unconditionally
  • I stopped dating other women
  • I stopped spending all my money on me
  • I learned to share
  • And many more….

I am a better man, pastor, father, friend, Christ-Follower and just overall person because of this commitment.
This weekend at The Bay we are finishing our series, Dangerous Church. I am going to challenge our Christ-Followers to make some commitments that will define and grow their faith. I hope you will be there.

Talk Back
Can you tell me of one commitment you made that has improved your life. And to increase the variety of responses lets not mention the 2 I mentioned above- a commitment to Christ and a commitment to a spouse. Are you ready? I am all ears or should I say eyes?