I have asked Pastor JR Lee to talk a little bit about their church’s strategy to develop an Invite Culture.  Pastor JR has been a friend for several years and his passion for people far from God is infectious.  Here is a little about the Freedom Church story from their website

In July 2007, Pastor J.R. Lee began leading visionary meetings for what would become Freedom Church. The families that moved 400 miles to be a part of Freedom Church, as well as those that met us in Acworth, did so with one vision in mind – so people far from God can experience life in Christ. Since our very first Worship Experience on January 27, 2008, we have never wavered from that vision.  Since that time, Freedom Church has experienced what can only be described as a supernatural move of God. We have learned to expect the unexpected and trust God as He has changed lives, restored marriages, put families back together, and extended grace and forgiveness to all who believe.
We have come a long way in a very short time but we are never finished and the best is ahead.

I love their story, their Church and the team they have developed.  I worshiped with them a year ago and I was so encouraged by their passion for people.  Pastor JR Lee has written the following post to encourage churches as they build an Invite Culture.

We talk about what we are passionate about. If I love a show on Netflix – I tell people about it. If I find a great restaurant – I tell people about it. If I have a great experience – I tell people about it. Church is NO exception! 

The keys tor increasing passion and creating an invite culture are simple: 

1. Give people an incredible experience from start to finish. 

2. Encourage people to invite. Celebrate when they do. Then, do it again and again.

It takes both keys to unlock this door! If people don’t have a great experience week after week they will not invite regardless of how much you ask them too. I’ve found that people aren’t as ashamed of God as they are of their church. If a person does have a great experience but isn’t encouraged to invite then they might not realize the value and life-changing opportunity in front of them. You have to double down on both! Work hard to create a great experience and encourage people to invite. 

Why? So the ones who mean the most to us will meet the One who means the most to us.