This weekend we talked about the way God used the disciples and how God will use us. Every time I think about who the “12” were and really who they were not- I am amazed and encouraged. Amazed because these guys were not men of privilege, formal training or experience; Encouraged because I can see God could use me as well. They did have a history of hanging out with Jesus! That is where I want to be, hanging out with Jesus and focusing on His plan for world domination (not mine, lol)! Too often my thoughts, energy and prayers are about what I need and feel. I believe God cares about “my stuff”- but somehow I find myself caring (too often) only about “my stuff”. I want to be a “whatever it takes” man after God’s heart. God whatever it takes for you to use me I am all in!

Talk Back:
1. Does that make sense?
2. Have you been there?

ps- This was the Dangerous Church Rewind we used this past weekend. My son used a little editing license (took advantage of me) at the end. You will laugh!