Whenever we discuss leadership we must discuss delegation. The problem is many people abdicate rather than delegate. Both actions may look the same on paper – “I gave them the responsibility” – but the preparation is totally different. Abdication happens when you have a task you are tired of, can’t seem to complete or just want to get rid of and you hand it off. You might say something like this – “This is yours – make it happen”. Without any preparation or development you have created a scenario where failure is a high probability. Sometimes this person succeeds despite the odds – and we celebrate. Too often performance falls through the cracks and we ask – “What happened?”

Delegation happens when some one is given the authority and responsibility to take on a task – after they have been developed. Take a moment to look back at the earlier posts on this site about the Leadership Process. Does preparation guarantee success? Nope! But, is creates a higher probability for success and further development. So are you more of a delegator or abdicator?


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