This weekend a key teaching point was

“God’s thumbprints on you are clues about His plans for you.” 

          Hopefully you have taken the free spiritual gifts test.  If not, email me here and you will get an auto reply with the free online spiritual gifts test- .

Spiritual gifts and talents are God given abilities that we are given for you and I to use to honor God in our vocation and ministry opportunities.  Just because you have a gift doesn’t mean you are finished.   Paul told Timothy to “stir up his gift”.  I believe Paul is saying get out there and use it and develop it.  We would all agree that one of the saddest things we can experience is a gifted person who is lazy.  They have a gift- yet they don’t develop it, it just sits there and deteriorates over time.  What are you doing to develop your gift?  How are you leveraging it? Have you taken a test drive?  By the way, if you haven’t watched this weekend’s message go here.

I am always cautious with a spiritual gifts test because they can be misunderstood.  First of all- they are self-diagnostic.  Make sure you get some honest people to speak into the gifts (thumbprints) you believe you have.  Also, just because you have the gift of administration it doesn’t mean you should be in charge.  In fact, Jesus modeled first that we must have a servant’s heart before we can lead.  Just because you have the gift of teaching- it doesn’t mean you get to preach next weekend or that you should take over your Growth Group.  I firmly believe gifts must be recognized by others.  So jump up and take the opportunities at church and work.  Try something new and see if you think you might have a gift.  You have a gift from GOD if you don’t use it we all lose.