Easter Weekend is earlier this year. I am amazed it is only 21 days away!

What is Easter about for you? I have a lot of fond memories around the Easter season as a child. We actually went to church that weekend (I was not a fan- but we had to go Easter and Christmas). Before we went to church, we all searched for our hidden Easter baskets. In that basket would be all the great sugar candy you could imagine along with a solid chocolate Easter bunny- and that was incredible. After church, our family usually got together at Grandma’s and had an incredible feast. Sometimes we even had the traditional Easter egg hunt. The rest of the day the kids would play and the adults would talk.

After I became a Christ-Follower it all changed. The primary focus for me has become the incredible gift of God’s grace we received when Christ died and raised from the dead. I love Christmas because we celebrate Christ’s birth, but the real message of grace is found in Easter. Every year churches see huge increases in attendance on Easter weekend. At The Bay, we really want to maximize the opportunity of Easter. Many people will attend for the first time and others for the first time in years. I am beginning now to pray that God would use us Easter weekend in a huge way that will make a difference in eternity. Will you join me? What if God used you to invite a friend and it changed eternity for that friend? Let’s start praying now.