This past Sunday I spent some time talking about embracing brokenness.  So much of my life I have tried to run from and eschew brokenness.  I am not suggesting that we seek brokenness on our own but, when God brings it into our lives we need to embrace.  If God begins to break my heart for a need and I embrace it- He brings fresh vision and compassion.  Yet, when I see a need and back away because it hurts too much- I can become calloused and uncaring.  Have you noticed when you go through brokenness with God He enlarges your heart?  As a pastor I have always tried to care for people who were dealing with cancer and the pain and hurt it brings to all those involved.  When my Dad got the news of his cancer- I wept.  Yet, I never really embraced the brokenness until I talked with him about what he felt and what he was concerned for.  Even now when I think of that conversation- I weep.  When Dad was diagnosed I stepped into caring mode.  I got busy taking care of my Dad, checking with doctors and following through on questions.  My business kept me from brokenness.  We buried my Dad 12 years ago and God opened my heart to new levels of compassion and care.  Sometimes when I am all alone- and thinking about my folks- I embrace brokenness again.  Because of that brokenness God has enlarged my heart for families dealing with cancer.

A couple of Brokenness Axioms:

  • If we will slow down and engage our hearts- God will break our heart with that which breaks His heart.
  • Brokenness is not a onetime event.
  • God never uses anyone that He doesn’t break first. (Look though people in the scripture who were greatly used by God- you will find great pain and brokenness)
  • When we allow brokenness by God to invade our lives- we come out the other side more whole than we have ever been.
  • God does not cause evil and yet He can use the brokenness that results to grow us (Romans8:28)

Ezekiel 36:26      And I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart.

If you missed Sunday- here is the video.

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