I have discovered in my life, work and leading full engagement matters.  Have you ever just “phoned it in”?  That happens for me when I am bored, tired or lack passion about my work.  How can we increase our engagement and the engagement of those we lead?  A couple of thoughts:

  • Tie into passion.  If there is a BIG WHY or a personal passion threaded through our work – engagement soars.
  • Do things that matter. No one wants to just put their time in on tasks that don’t move the ball down the field.  When what we do matters we will find new ways to succeed.
  • Delegate both the task and authority. My engagement goes up when I have input and buy in for the task assigned.  Don’t create an environment that fosters blind, unengaged obedience. If people are willing to just do a task- ask for more from them!
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect. Growing up my parents demanded that I say “yes sir, no sir, yes ma’am and no ma’am” to all adults.  This sounds old school and controlling.  

     Treating people with dignity and respect is not only Christ-like” this behavior will drive engagement.

  • Create a safe environment. When I attended school there were a lot of bullies.  Yet, some classrooms were totally safe.  No because the teacher said- “no bullying” or put signs on the wall.  She was in charge and merely didn’t put up with bullies.  I have discovered bullying also occurs in the work place.  It may not be physical or even verbal.  It can be silo’s driven or leveraging information that is shared for power.  Create a safe place for people to excel and they will.

Your turn … What do you do to drive engagement?