“The idea is this … leadership emerges.”

When there is chaos, you will see a leader step into the chaos and create direction. Remember the call of Paul and Barnabas to missions in Acts 13? The Holy Spirit spoke to the church about Paul and Barnabas becoming missionaries. Paul and Barnabas did not decide on their own. They emerged as leaders chosen by God from the church body. The fact is, every time people get together, leaders emerge. The key is to begin to watch for their emergence. We have all seen this happen. It may be a work day at the church or an assignment given in a small group. Have you ever gone to an athletic event or concert with 30 people? I have found that, if we go in a bus, one person usually leads but, if we go in five cars, five leaders emerge. Why?”  Leaders tend to step to the front and lead when they sense a vacuum”

, consciously or unconsciously. When we have a leader from another church come up to us and say he has served before and would like to teach now, we reply with, “we challenge you to get into one of our existing small groups and look for an opportunity to lead.  Some get offended and walk away, but the real leaders get involved in a small group and emerge.

So when you see a leader emerge, step in and have a conversation.  Talk to them about what inspires them – ask them about their gifts and abilities.  Then, encourage them to step up and in to leadership.

The small group is a great filter for church leadership. If a small group recognizes a person’s leadership, we agree.