In 2007, when I started my Blog I wrote about 3 Difference Makers in my life. My Dad was one of them. I decided to re-post that as we all look to Father’s Day.

My Dad is the hardest working man I have ever known. I can remember not seeing him during the weekdays sometimes as a child. It wasn’t that he traveled- he was going to work before I got up and often getting home after I went to bed. I know some people say he had his priorities wrong, etc. This was his story- there were 4 kids and my Mom stayed home to take care of what Dad believed was vital- his family and our needs. Dad never had a chance to go to college and I remember him telling me that college opened doors and also that, “His son would not make the same mistake”.

Sometimes I would go to work with my Dad (as a teenager) and watch him run a small printing company, Ad Design, in Washington, DC. I loved watching my Dad lead and he would often put me to work. He saw work as a virtue and reminded me that although he couldn’t always be the smartest guy in the room (I thought he was), he could be the hardest worker. It was this “never quit, never say die” attitude that he gave me and I am so grateful. I miss him in huge ways (he died in 2000) and wish he had a chance to see Church at the Bay- he would have loved it. I am also sure he would have found a way to play the trap set (drums) in our band. Thank you God for my Dad and the influence he has in my life.

How about you? Do you have a story about your Dad you want to share?

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