(Just gettin’ you ready)

Okay its time for some links I discovered this week.

  • The economy is reeling. This a is time when we all re-evaluate what we are doing so …have you ever thought, “Should I go in business for myself?”
  • For our date this week, Sandy and I watched the new Bond flic- Quantum of Solace. Do you remember all the cars Bond has driven over the years? These guys do…
  • Do you remember not having a cell phone? I promise you the makers of these gadgets do! The cell phone made them irrelevant.
  • I am a crack-berry addict. If you are you might want some of these cool apps.
  • How many times have you heard it said- “if its too good to be true- then it probably isn’t”. Get rich quick scams get the best of a lot of good people. Seth Godin gives some ideas and even tells of 4 ways to make a million dollars. You know you want to look…
  • Finally, are you looking for a cool app for an online Bible? Then you have to check out what the fellas at LifeChurch.TV have designed and given to everyone for free.

Check us out this weekend- we are in a series called- Did you hear the one about …