I believe generosity is a core value, key character trait and very close to the heart of God. I love to be generous, be around generosity and I am encouraged by generous people. I had a ball today watching 2 generous people!

I met with a church planter over at Smokey Bones in Brandon. The service was less than excellent at the beginning and I watched this guy have fun with our server. Never harsh, just fun. The bill came and I was slow (not on purpose either) and he grabbed the bill and dropped his credit card. We continued to talk after he signed the credit card slip and our server came back and said, “There is a problem”. I laughed and thought his credit card was rejected but, that was not the case. She said, “are you sure about the tip”? At which point I got a little nervous thinking he had been cheap because of the poor service- wrong again! The tip was SOOOOO large she wanted to make sure. I never found out what the tip amount was but I know this- our server understood church planters were generous (or at least one is). Needless to say- I need to hang some with this guy he encourages me to be generous.

I had another meeting with a leader later in the afternoon, just for coffee. Our server was less than plused with the small order. We were kind and the attitude was changed by the end of the meeting. Again I was slow on the draw for the bill (I know looks like a pattern). This guy hands the server and 10 spot for a tip and says thanks. Our server was blown away. I think I like this guy as well.

As I watched this all go down I was reminded that CATB always wants to be a generous church. We have been given so much by God and others. Each week we practice the principle of generosity in several ways:

  • All of our café items are complementary
  • We have 4 books we make available for the taking
    • a devotional
    • a Bible
    • an apologetic book
    • and Wild at Heart
  • We also have 5-6 free stacks of popular messages on our resource table as well (I know- that is what they are worth…)
  • Snow cones are also free for everyone after the service

We do this because we want CATB to reflect the generosity of God.

Thank you God for all the generous people at CATB!