It’s Monday and I have jury duty.  I was selected for a pool of 30 and then sent to lunch.  I am back early from lunch and there were no seats outside my court, so I went downstairs outside another jury room.  I sat beside a Mom and her daughter that were awaiting sentencing (the daughter was the accused).  I did not discuss the case—just talked about how tough it must be.  They were really having a tough time.  I was hoping I would get to pray with them, but they were just called into the courtroom.  Again, I don’t know anything about their case, but she is definitely at the mercy of the court.  Have you ever been there?  The accused or the accuser?   I have been on a jury before, but never in a courtroom as a defendant or a plaintiff.  I can’t get yesterday’s sermon out of my mind about a lady needing justice from an evil judge.  The Scripture explains that even the evil judge gave justice because of the widow’s persistence.  When we consider the question of “How are we like the widow?”, I don’t want us to consider where we can find an offense. Rather, let’s consider what we are fighting for that matters?  Do you have a cause? Causes?  Do they matter?  Some people live their life to fight every battle and some live their life to avoid conflict.  I want to challenge you to pick a fight and engage!  Here are some fights worth considering:

  • Your family’s relationship to God
  • Your marriage (not a fight with your spouse, but for your marriage)
  • Your friends to know Christ (not by an argument, but a passionate care that is irresistible)
  • God’s leadership in your personal life
  • You probably have others

When I say fight, I do not mean physical.  I am speaking of passionate persistence.  Think of the fight Jesus picked- a fight for your soul and mine and every person who walks planet Earth.  Engage the battle- it makes life worth living!  Life is too short to be navigated passionlessly.  Go pick a fight!

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 BTW- I was not selected to be on the jury.