Gaining perspective is one of the most important habits to develop if we want to live a successful life.  Perspective can be found in many places (usually relationships)- friends, spouse, kids, boss, co-workers and especially scripture.  The secret is discerning how to evaluate and apply the information- because not all perspective needs to or should be followed.

Some people are like “Gumby” they have no real spine so they become their last conference or feedback session.  Without a clear purpose in life, it is easy to become a people pleaser.  This is unhealthy and unhelpful.

Other people often get “hardening of the categories” when they receive a new perspective.  They seem to dig in and hold fast to their plan never opening up to new insights and ideas.

If we gain short term perspective without a long-term focus we miss as well.  So this begs the question- where can I gain perspective?  Let me suggest a few places:

  • Learn to read the Bible for the purpose of application.  Too often we read scripture for distance instead of depth (reading multiple chapters at the exclusion of application of truth). What if we came to scripture with and open mind and heart and asked questions for application- what would that look like?  Click this link to get a free book I wrote on How to Spend Time with God.  This is not the only way to read the Bible- but it is a good place to learn how to read to gain perspective from God’s Word.

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