Simon Sinek has a video and a great book, Start with Why”. He talks about the power of “the why” for intrinsic motivation. Sometimes I have heard people say- “My people are not motivated, they just can get it in gear” or something like that. The truth is we are all motivated.

 – because they are already motivated. They may be motivated not to do your plan or what you asked. Although we really cannot motivate people – we can help them understand what motivates them. We can help them find their passions and pursue them. We can help them tie into their “WHY”!

Let me get real practical, sometimes we are asked to do something, that in itself, we may not find to be motivating. Let’s say you are challenged to greet people before church. If you can dig farther into the why of greeting, you might discover the task becomes more enjoyable because you find your “WHY”. Consider this scenario…

  • Why would you be asked to greet people when they come?
    • Because we want them to feel we are friendly and they are welcome.
  • Why do we want them to feel we are friendly and welcome?
    • Because we want them to know we care about them and so does God.
  • Why should they know we care about them?
    • Because they matter to God?
  • Why do they matter to God?
    • Because He loves them and sent His son for them.

 need (3-5 usually get it done) and you may find the BIG WHY behind the WHAT that you have been asked to do. Test this out and let me know.