I am so grateful to God for Church at the Bay and HIS plan for us! Our church is made up of hundreds of people who bring it every week in their attitude and service. I don’t blog much about numbers but here are some things that I enjoyed watching take place this weekend. By the way, school let out this week and so did many of our folks (vacations- yes!).

  • 500 people worshiped with us
  • 4 people indicated they committed their lives to Christ for the 1st time
  • 40 adults attended Discovering the Bay
  • Hundreds were served snow cones (I love the orange and green lips- my favorite-rootbeer)
  • Over 100 kids got a better picture of how much God loves them!
  • We had 2 new members in the band (did you notice!) and they can bring it
  • Dozens of people who cleaned up after each service and set-up for Discovering the Bay

God is so good… I am having the time of my life chasing the dream we call Church at the Bay! Come on guys let’s saddle-up as God uses us to make Tampa a hard place to get to HELL from!