Yesterday as I walked past the garden section at Home Depot I was stunned to see a dead tree for sale. Among several green and healthy-looking trees was one with all brown, shriveled leaves, right out in front. I thought- “Man, that’s a terrible image for this company. I’m not sure I want to shop at a place that sells dead stuff!”

That got me to thinking about the image the church portrays to the community. We want our neighbors to see CATB as a place to connect with a living God, not a dead religion; a place that is alive with healthy relationships and people that get life. So to help communicate that idea, we’re having a Community Block Party on Wednesday, June 25th from 6:00-8:30 PM.

We’ll have hot dogs, popcorn, and sno cones- food always connects people. Then we’ll have some inflatables, a dunk tank, some carnival-type games, face painting, clowns, tattoos, and more fun for kids- just to give us a chance to meet our neighbors and show them that CATB is a cool place to find God and do life!

If you’d like to help us serve next Wednesday, email me at and we’ll plug you in. I challenge you to come out and bring at least 2 other families with you and let our community see some friendly, alive Christ followers!

Don Preiser, Children’s Pastor

Children’s Ministry Blog